Financial, Fleet and Operational Analysis

AirTrav has been acknowledged as an expert in financial analysis, fleet evaluations and operational finance. We have conducted finance-related business and capacity planning, evaluated financial statements, and examined organizations for operational efficiency gains. Some of our competencies include these areas:

Financial Analysis

  • Benchmark cost and revenue performance against peer organizations based on geographic proximity and size
  • Creation and analysis of financial statements as part of business and capacity planning
  • Financial, operational and productivity ratios
  • Financial forecasts and long-range planning by incorporating operational activities, revenues and both operating and capital costs
  • Hedging strategies (fuel and forex) and fuel procurement negotiations
  • Investments in air traffic management (ATM) systems and training in developing nations
  • Route profitability assessments based on cash direct operating costs (DOCs), total DOCs, IOCs and fully allocated with overheads

Fleet Analysis

  • Fleet evaluations by aircraft type, route and financing type
  • Lease versus purchase tax-based cash flow analysis
  • Lifecycle aircraft program cash flow analysis including acquisition costs, expected maintenance and reserves, net end-of-lease costs, and financing
  • Sale-leaseback evaluations for airframe and engines

Operational Analysis

  • Aerodrome and heliport obstacle limitation surface (OLS) analytics, interpretation and charting
  • Analysis and quantification of airport airside efficiency metrics including taxi times, turn times and on-time performance (OTP)
  • Fuel conservation evaluation (FCE) covering flight operations, flight planning/dispatch and maintenance
  • Key performance indictor (KPI) scorecarding
  • Support for both sides of the bargaining table in aviation labour agreements
  • Terminal air space efficiency benchmarking
  • Terminal operational performance improvements through analytics of sensor-based flow and queue data