Fuel and Risk Management

AirTrav provides fuel management consulting to the aviation sector. We have also conducted fuel surcharge analysis, hedging and GHG emissions analysis for maritime transport. In late 2009, AirTrav helped with investment and exit planning for an Ottawa, Canada based firm that ended with the firm being acquired by GE Aviation. GE promptly converted that firm into its Fuel & Carbon Solutions division.

Our practice provides full spectrum fuel management advisory services, including the following:

  • Airline supplyVolume projections, sources of supply and into-plane negotiations
  • Business intelligenceEvaluation and selection of fuel BI solutions for airlines
  • EnvironmentalGHG emissions audits and carbon inventories
  • Fuel surchargesAnalysis, evaluation and guidance of fuel cost versus surcharge recovery, and surcharge mechanisms
  • Hedging reviewsFuel and forex price risk management for current and new hedging programs
  • InfrastructureAnalysis of delivery, receipt, storage, distribution and hydrant requirements for airports and airline users
  • PricesPrice benchmarking of oil and all fuel types, and correlation between fuel and forex
  • ProcurementInto-plane jet fuel RFP creation, supply forecasts and enhanced sources of supply, and strategic negotiations
  • Security of supplyJet fuel days of reserve and sufficiency of storage analysis for airlines, airports and fuel consortia
  • Supply chainOptimization of refinery sources and modes of re-supply
  • Tax planningAnalysis and recovery, along with fuel supply-enabled tax structures