Investment and Legal Support

AirTrav works with many of Canada’s largest, national law firms on a variety of transport-related legal matters, along with several international law firms. We also work regularly with well known investors, providing research and analytics in support of private and public equity investments, M&A transactions and other matters. Our legal and investor support includes the following areas:

  • Analysis and research for start-ups, including business plan, financials, licensing guidance, and support for investment road shows
  • Evaluations on behalf of investors for aviation investments that are performing poorly or are close to insolvency
  • Market evaluations and business analytics for investors regarding proposed transactions
  • Enterprise valuation to support M&A discussions and transactions
  • Evaluation of proposed M&A transactions, examining commercial position, operational situation and financial health of target companies
  • Expert support for class action law suits before and after class certification on many aviation topics, and covering expert reports and depositions
  • Independent market research on publicly traded aerospace and transport equities for firms lacking in-house expertise
  • Provision of commentary with global A-list business media, including online, print, radio, social and television
  • Support for bankruptcy trustees and their legal advisors in matters of aviation insolvencies, including aircraft re-lease differentials on rents and reserves